The Fascination of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of Europe's most amazing and exceptional countries with a wide variety of everything: virtually unspoiled nature, stunningly national parks and extremely beautiful mountains (Rila, Pirin, Rodope and Balkan Mountains); its long history, spectacular architectural, arts and crafts remains - especially those of the Thracians - but also plenty of historical sites of the Romans and others; its cultural heritage and the unhurried way of life of the Bulgarians; they have very tasty food and good local wine. Finally, you will find in Bulgaria many different kinds of activities to suit all types of customers.

Tailor-made Excursions

We are a German -Bulgarian couple who love this amazing country - off the beaten track. Join us to explore together the beauty of Bulgaria individually or in small groups. Yours will be an unforgettable excursion with our 4x4 minivan and professional and experienced guide. Our wish is to realise your holiday-ideas with tailor-made trips.